Conjugate Margins


Steering Committee

This committee is an overarching committee to review and address all aspects of the organization of the conference and ensure that the committee’s, subcommittee’s and timelines are met to ensure the success of this conference, liaison with groups, sponsors, societies, etc.

Membership & Contact Information:

David E. Brown (Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board) -

Grant Wach (Dalhousie University) -

Paul J. Post (U.S. DOI - Minerals Management Service) -

Sonya Dehler (Geological Survey of Canada) -

Neil Watson ( Petrophysical Consultant) -

Andrew MacRae (Saint Mary's University) -

Mladen Nedimovic (Dalhousie University) -

Juergen Adam (Royal Holloway University of London) -


Program Advisory Committee

The focus of this Committee will be to:


  • Identify, recommend and contact potential speakers / presenters for the various sessions


  • Forward the contacts on to the Steering Committee so that additional information can be sent to them


  • Review all submitted papers


  • Make recommendations on their acceptance, format (poster / oral / both)


  • Assist in the creation of the Conference Program.

Membership & Contact Information

Michal Nemcok (EGI)


Mark G. Rowan (Rowan Consulting, Inc.)

Ian Davidson (Earthmoves, Ltd.)

Paul J. Post (MMS) -

Tako Koning (Tullow Oil)

Webster Mohriak (Petroleo Brasileiro S.S. / Petrobras E&P)

Gabor C. Tari (AllyGabor Geoscience)

Hans Wielens (Geological Survey of Canada)

Chris Jauer (Geological Survey of Canada)