Conjugate Margins

Post–Conference Update

August 13 — 15, 2008 | Dalhousie University | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Canada

October 15, 2008

By all accounts, the Central Atlantic Conjugate Margins Conference – Halifax 2008 was a great success.

We were most pleased with the high calibre of oral and poster presentations that addressed issues directly related to the evolution of the margins and their petroleum systems. We were delighted that everyone enjoyed the venue and conference format.  We have confidence that new collaborative opportunities were created and look forward to the results of potential new research from fellow delegates relating to the Central Atlantic realm. The kind words and positive comments extended to us by many of you are deeply appreciated and reinforced our belief that the Conference was timely.

Summary: A total of 93 presentations were given at the Conference: Oral (45; 6 keynotes), Poster (41), and Core Workshop (7).  Approximately 215 delegates were registered for the conference coming from 17 countries. Over half were from the petroleum industry representing 26 E&P companies, and twenty (20) seismic, research, service and consultancy firms.  Other delegates represented government surveys, agencies and departments (7), universities (19) with the remainder either unaffiliated, emeritus or retirees. We were particularly pleased with the number of students, their participation and excellent presentations. Participants taking in the two field trips, two short courses and the core workshop were unanimous in praise for the high quality of these events. The CNSOPB Reception and other social events were well attended and enjoyed by all.

Sponsorship: We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our sponsors without whom we simply could not have convened this event. We appreciated the members of all our committees and volunteers who gave much of their time to ensure that the event was well planned and ran smoothly.

Conference Publications: As stated at the conference, all conference publications that are on the Conference and Core Workshop CDs will be posted on our website and are available below.  We have taken the opportunity to update the Extended Abstracts volume to include two abstracts that were omitted.  These are also available as separate downloads. We recommend opening and viewing the chosen file prior to downloading as some are very large files!  Please note that there was no Field Trip 2.

We again extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all of you who attended Halifax 2008, the companies and organizations who supported us – and you, our keynote speakers, field trip leaders and short course instructors, and all the volunteers who generously gave their time and resources.  Please write back to us with any comments, ideas and suggestions as we have noted above. Together we created an event that we hope benefits everyone, and will be a foundation for future successful exploration in the basins of the Central Atlantic Conjugate Margins.


David E. Brown & Grant D. Wach

Co-Chairs, Halifax 2008 /



Halifax 2008 - Conference Publications

The following documents, PowerPoint presentations and posters are sourced from the Halifax 2008 Conference and Core Workshop CDs. We recommend opening and viewing the chosen file prior to downloading as some of these files are very large, as well as having large dimensions (i.e., posters and 11x17 inch pages).

Program & Short Abstracts(PDF) (5 MB)


Extended Abstracts –Revised

This (large!) document includes the Sunde & Coffey, Kettanah et al. and Epstein & Clark papers that were inadvertently omitted from the Conference CD.  They are also available as separate downloads, below. We extend our sincere apologies to the authors for this oversight. Please note that the following nine (9) pages are 11x17 inches in landscape format: p.38, 164, 211, 215, 385-388 & 426. [PDF] (269 MB).


Extended Abstract - R.F. Sunde & B.P. Coffey

This extended abstract was omitted from the Conference CD. [PDF] (2 MB)


Extended Abstract - Y. Kettanah, M. Kettanah & G.D. Wach

This extended abstract was omitted from the Conference CD. [PDF] (1 MB)


Extended Abstract – S.A. Epstein & D. Clark

This extended abstract was omitted from the Conference CD. [PDF] (3 MB)


Field Trip 1 Guide Book – Tropical to Subtropical Syntectonic Sedimentation in the Permian to Jurassic Fundy Rift Basin, Atlantic Canada, in Relation to the Moroccan Conjugate Margin

P.E. Olsen & M. Et Touhami [PDF] (115 MB)

Field Trip 3 Guide Book – Onshore equivalents or the Cretaceous reservoir rocks of the Scotian Basin: detrital petrology, tectonics and diagenesis

G. Pe-Piper & D.J.W. Piper[PDF](5 MB)


Poster 1 – Central Atlantic Reconstruction

I. Davison, Earthmoves: [JPG] (10 MB)


Poster 2 – Central Atlantic Stratigraphy

I. Davison, Earthmoves [JPG] (7 MB)


Core Workshop Abstracts Volume

L. Eliuk & A. MacRae [PDF] (0.4 MB)

The following six (6) presentations from the Core Workshop CD are available as PDF, PowerPoint presentations and/or large posters as noted below.

The Montagnais Meteorite Impact Structure, western Nova Scotian Shelf

Lubomir Jansa and Georgia Pe-Piper [PDF] (0.8 MB) / [PowerPoint] (10 MB)


Prodeltaic deformation facies from the Alma and Tantallon fields

David J.W. Piper and Georgia Pe-Piper [PDF] (3 MB) / [PowerPoint] (10 MB)


Hyperpycnal flow deposits from the Thebaud field

David J.W. Piper and Atika Karim [PDF] (1 MB) / [PowerPoint] (0.7 MB)


Tidally-influenced deltaic reservoirs in the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous MicMac and Missisauga formations (Glenelg and Arcadia fields), offshore Nova Scotia

Andrew MacRae (Poster) [PDF] (97 MB)


Varied carbonate facies from the Jurassic-Cretaceous gigaplatform margin of Baltimore Canyon Trough off Delaware, USA

Les Eliuk & Brad Prather [PDF] (3 MB)


Reef margin carbonate reservoirs of the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Abenaki Formation  (Deep Panuke)

Les Eliuk for Rick Wierzbicki, Kevin Gillen, Rolf Ackermann, Nancy Harland, Leslie Eliuk, with a contribution by Jeff Dravis [PDF]  (6 MB)