Conjugate Margins

Dear Colleagues;

August 13 — 15, 2008 | Dalhousie University | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Canada

Welcome to the Halifax 2008 - Central Atlantic Conjugate Margins Conference!

The conference is at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, August 13–15, 2008. It will be preceded by a series of pre-conference field trips in Nova Scotia and a variety of short courses, and followed by post-conference field trips to Portugal and/or Morocco all of which are subject to attendance thresholds and limits.

Halifax 2008 will be an outstanding opportunity to incorporate the results of hydrocarbon exploration throughout the Central Atlantic conjugate margin basins using the latest concepts and interpretations of divergent margin basin evolution, petroleum systems, productive fields and analogues.

This conference will be of significant interest to industry, academic and government participants:
•    the significant gas discovery in the Late Jurassic (Abenaki) reef trend offshore Nova Scotia;
•    the significant deep-water oil and gas discoveries offshore Mauritania;
•    acquisition of new 2D, 3D, and deep-crustal regional seismic datasets from around the margin;
•    recently available well data from previously unexplored frontier basins;
•    the US Energy Policy Act of 2005 that mandated a comprehensive inventory of Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) oil and natural gas resources; and
•    the possible expiration of the exploration moratorium for the entire US Atlantic OCS and Canadian Georges Bank in 2013.

It is time to collaborate on our knowledge of the margin basins. This will lead to an increased understanding of the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the margins, reduced exploration risks, and more exploration successes. We want to build on the well established north-south relationships (Europe-Northwest Africa, and the Americas) by creating a pan-Atlantic gathering for researchers and industry to focus on topics directly impacting hydrocarbon exploration in these Atlantic basins, and to appeal to those exploring and researching the frontier basins along these margins.

The Conference will have two main oral and poster sessions that will run consecutively over three days:
•    Margin Evolution & Development;
•    Petroleum Systems; and   Productive Fields & Analogues

Authors of all oral and poster-only papers must submit an extended abstract. These will be distributed at no charge to all conference attendees as a word-searchable CD-ROM. Selected papers from the proceedings are planned for formal publication.

Halifax 2008 will offer participants the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of events. Six pre- and post-conference field trips are offered to Paleozoic and Mesozoic basins and sections in Nova Scotia (4), and Morocco and Portugal respectively. Mark Rowan will present a short course on “Practical Salt Tectonics” and Zentilli and Wielens will offer “Petroleum Systems Modelling”. There is a Core Workshop on cores from the Western Atlantic Margin. We are particularly excited about the Seismic Data Room where numerous full-scale seismic lines from the latest industry deep crustal and regional programs in the Central Atlantic Realm will be displayed.

No conference is complete without a centerpiece banquet. In true Nova Scotia style, we invite all attendees to participate in a fabulous Lobster Feast where they will experience fine local cuisine and entertainment. Ice-breakers will be held each evening amongst the poster and related displays to encourage discussions and networking, as will be the daily refreshment breaks.

On behalf of the Conference Committee members and all our sponsors, we look forward to your attendance and participation at Halifax 2008 and seeing you this August!

David E. Brown & Grant D. Wach
Conference Chairs, Halifax 2008

For administrative matters or questions contact Trudy Lewis.